My Experience with the Weight Destroyer Program

I lost excess weight with Weight Destroyer Program and now it’s your turn

Obesity has certainly become a grave concern and has affected almost all people of all age groups including the adolescents, middle-aged and the elderly. One of the major reasons which led to this problem is unhealthy diet habits and monotonous life pattern which makes people lethargic. People do not do physical exercises or gym citing busy schedules. Everyone wants to look attractive and have slim and trim body.

no-more-diets-eat-clean.jpgThe increase in weight not only makes you unattractive but you can also be affected with many health concerns due to excess weight. People with excess weight often try out various alternatives such as go on dieting, performing different types of weight loss exercises and consuming pills and tablets to reduce weight.

But they are very disappointed when they do not get the desired result.

However, now you do need to worry about the overweight as you can keep it within control with an amazing weight loss formula known as ‘The Weight Destroyer Program’ introduced  by Michael Wren.  This program has brought significant changes in many lives and helped them to reduce their weight.

How I Shed My extra Weight using the Weight Destroyer Program

Hi my name is Steve Ford. I used to live in a farm in the Central area of the Washington State but later I moved to California for pursuing higher studies where I pursued Masters in Business Administration from California State University North ridge. During my college days I was very conscious about my weight and health. I was quite active and participated in the sports activities. I never allowed my weight to exceed more than 165 pounds.  After the completion of the course, I got a job in New York and started working as an assistant sales manager for a reputed multinational company.


That is when the problem with my weight started. I was not able to focus on my health and neither found time to go to the gym due to my hectic work schedule. Since I did have any specific time for lunch, I used to dart on whatever I got in the office cafeteria. I used to love have different kinds of pizzas and burgers and had one almost every day without realizing its consequences. Before I could realize the seriousness of the situation I weighted around two hundred pounds. In fact, at one point of time my weight had increased to about 211 pounds which meant that I was forty pounds more than the standard and I seriously needed to do something about it.

weightlossfood1_320x240I started out trying various alternatives such as curtailing on my regular diet, reducing the intake of carbohydrates and fats, performing cardiovascular exercises and running on the treadmill at gym etc. For a few days, I was very particular about following a systematic routine but as the work pressure at office kept on mounting; my focus got completely diverted again. As a result all my efforts to bring my weight under control went into vain.

But the most embarrassing part of was that my tummy had come out and was clearly visible like a round pot which caught everybody’s attention at office. I used to also feel very awkward when I had to go for a client meeting because it almost got very embarrassing. I knew that only curtailing my diet will not help my cause and I have to put in some extra effort to meet the end. But I was not getting enough time because of the hectic schedule.

One Sunday morning I firmly decided that today I am going to devote an entire day on finding solution to my problem which was becoming graver with the passing of each day. I made comprehensive use of the search engine Google and read most of the information available on the topic weight loss. I also read about cosmetic surgical techniques such as liposuction and tummy tuck thoroughly on Wikipedia which are primarily performed to extract the additional fact accumulated in the body. But the skyrocketing cost of treatment and the hospital expenditure prevented me to further think in that direction. As I was just about to close my laptop, without getting any fruitful info, my eyes were suddenly fixed on a specific and uncommon website. I guess it was new and named as The Weight Destroyer Program. The first thing which I noticed was a video. I watched it from beginning till the end. A person was narrating his own story of how he reduced his weight through a simple program and that person was none other than Michael Wren, the author of this weight destroyer e-book.

My very first impression was This guy really has some interesting information about losing weight, maybe he can sort out my problem or maybe not To tell the truth I wanted to believe him, but somewhere down the line I wasn’t very sure about his product. My dilemma reminded me that of Shakespeare’s Hamlet ‘To be or not to be’. Anyways, ultimately, I decided to research more on this program and gather as much information as possible.

Weight Destroyer 2015-07-13 11-50-09

I began reading the reviews thoroughly and another couple of hours passed by in this process. I read close to about thirty to forty reviews and testimonials without a break and watched out some videos. At last I visited the official site of the e-book and clicked on the ‘buy it’ option.

I must admit frankly that the program is systematically designed for both men and women who are desperate to shed some excess pounds. I began to follow the program and strictly applied it in my meal consumption. I included all the supplements mentioned in the book which helped to burn the extra fat. What pleased me was that it was very simple to follow. I didn’t need to do anything extra or reschedule my work plan. Another great feature which I appreciate about the program is that it helped me shape up my body at the same time. I began to see the results just within a couple of weeks, something which I was not expecting. By the time I finished the program the results were just outstanding and simply unbelievable. I was able to shed close to about 30 pounds and today I proudly announce that I weight about 180 pounds.

If you were to take my advice, then please do not delay in getting a copy of your e-book and you can view the results yourself. However, one thing that I want to point out at this juncture is that you need to have patience and trust the methods. The program should be followed sincerely otherwise you cannot expect positive results. As in my case, I had controlled my weight and become much more active and energetic than before. I started living a more cheerful life and met the clients with more confidence and firm approach. This increment in my confidence level showed excellent results in my work performance as well as I was promoted to the post of sales manager within a few weeks.


I was glad that at last I achieved a slim and toned body something which I had been trying for several months. In fact, many of my friends and acquaintances were quite surprised to see the sudden change in my body structure which goes to show the effectiveness of the program.  It is a tried and tested formula for burning off that extra fat from your body and I would say that even its reviews are worth reading.

I am also pleased with the fact that after going through this program thoroughly my diet plan has completely changed and has become much healthier today. I no more dart on the junk foods available in fast food restaurants as it can sabotage my weight loss efforts.  What I found during the course of reading that even women can take the benefits from this e-book. They can know the real reason for their increase in weight which the author says is primarily due to psychological, nutritional and behavioral changes.

Another striking feature which convinced me to buy this e-book is that it comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. I will also say that the program has an excellent online support and they answered all my queries and concerns about the product.


I have no hesitation in concluding that the Weight Destroyer Program is the best solution for all people who want to lose weight. The methods discussed in the e-book are completely natural so it rules out all possibilities related to any kind of side effects. The program can be completely customized according to the individual’s requirement. Once you obtain the desired weight, you can sustain it and it will not increase in the future. The program works by directly attacking the root cause of the problem and provides you a step by step guide on how you can reduce your weight. If you follow the twelve-week program thoroughly, it is sure you can reduce your weight up to twenty pounds. The supportive videos will also help in your cause by providing the right approach.


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